Cheating is good … When it’s a bicycle

If you keep your bicycle in your car, drive half the way to work and ride the rest, you have made your car 50% more fuel efficient.

If you ride your electric bicycle to work, you have made your car ? percent more fuel efficient.

I know lots of good car parks where I can take my bicycle and unload. I keep these spots to myself.

I am a bicycle car cheat and an ebike cheat and I am saving the planet at the same time. Bicycle cheating is good…

The Brompton fits in any car.
You can also cheat on public transport
Load up a bicycle – backwards
Ebikes are much more efficient
Oh I miss my 1998 Odyssey. I could cheat two big bikes in the back and two passengers. Without taking of wheels.
Ebikes are the best form of cheating

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