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With the Coronavirus taking off, you may find public transport really miserable with everyone wearing face masks.  Start looking at eBikes now in case they all get bought out.  The petrol story sort of fizzled out but here it is anyway.

P2 Mask for smoke

The Petrol Story 

Last week we were lucky we avoided war in the middle east. If all the oil tankers were stopped from filling up, the price of petrol could have gone up in Australia 4 times like it did in 1973

Nice view but no petrol.   .

So what would you do? Catch a train along with everyone else. That will be fun. Get an electric car? They will sell out in hours. Walk to work ? Well if you can do that, you should be doing that now.

Nope your going to have to buy a bicycle and guess what, electric bicycles are a lot easier than ordinary bicycles.

Summary:  Go to an electric bicycle shop and get ready to purchase one because the whole world may want one if the price of petrol goes up four fold or more.


Electric bicycles weren’t around in the 70’s and they cost 20 cents per 100km.


Sorry no tankers coming to Australia in a war.

If you have a bicycle already, ride to Greenwich and take a look at the old tanks for yourself. These are the best views in Sydney.

BTW Australians may not be allowed to purchase petrol because we have only three weeks of emergency supplies in the country and hardly any of our own.

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