From the ashes

You will no doubt have heard about the Australian fires. We live in a land of eucalyptus trees which unfortunately burn like like crazy in dry times. We are enduring the driest of dry times.

If you live overseas, don’t be disheartened, our country is still in business so book a holiday to our fair land. The oceans are warm and the cycling holidays are terrific. Read on below, this wonderful photo from a recent fire inspired this article.

If you live in Australia, go for a drive to the burnt out regions once they are safe. Book local, use the phone not a big overseas App to make the booking. Find the small towns in far East Gippsland, down the south coast of NSW, in the Snowy Mountains and stop and have a cup of tea and talk to a local. These towns need your business and so does every town that is drought affected. Help the rebuild.

This will not last forever

For right now, great advice on fire support from BicycleNSW

From the fire areas in the Snowy Mountains

And just in from my Sister in Laws farm in the Hunter, 16mm of rain in 10 minutes, first rain in 6 months.

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