Board the bus and loop Sydney Airport

I did something unique to the Brompton folding bike a few days back, I caught a bus. The bus was the 303 that runs from southern Redfern to Botany and then through the airport tunnel and onto Kyeemegah. This saves 5 km of bike trail riding around the airport. The serious cyclists go through the tunnel and average 35km an hour or more, cars do high speed and there is no verge. I ride at about 20km so getting on a bus is my only option.  Finally I did a loop of the airport.

Here are photos and a map. I went around the airport and a quick diversion to Ikea where I bought something. When putting the bike on the bus, I put it in a cheap light Ikea bag to avoid it snagging on something or someone.

The 303 Bus details are here…/sydney-buses-network/303/31303
or Find a link to the 303 bus on the Sydney map. You will have to turn on the Trains and wharf’s tab.

Brompton in an Ikea bag
The Airport Loop – I caught the bus in Mascot
Wonderful Market Gardens
Boat on Muddy Creek – I can ride faster than this one.
Ikea Shopping – better not buy a bed

There will be lots more Brompton folding Inspiration coming along.    Such a good bike.

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