Exploring a partially emptied Paradise Dam

From Andrew Cole – Really Fat Tire MTB Lover

I was thankful to be invited on a Brad Cook ride into Goodnight Scrub today and despite the heat, we found some unique landscapes. Most of this country has been underwater but the release of water from Paradise Dam has exposed old waterways and ghost forests allowing access to Kalliwa hut; or so we hoped. In the end I ran out of legs and had to be rescued, although in my defence, we all struggled today. Well done Phil, Mell , Michael ,Ian and Boothy for finishing the ride.

More details in the photos

Kalliwa hut in Goodnight Scrub. Pretty excited to get here because previous attempts ( I have heard the stories) were thwarted by impenetrable bush and flooded creek crossings. The mango tree In the corner was heavy with fruit.


Water access has been the only way to get to the hut since the dam was built. Biking in was hard work but worth it.


When the road goes underwater we look for another way around; really hard work at times/ most of the time. Phil put in a huge effort, backwards and forwards to keep bikes moving forward.



Fatbikes rule, and then sometimes they don’t.


I suspect that in a few seasons the grass and weeds will grow back and this eerie landscape will be impenetrable once again.

Thanks you cycle explorers. Pity they stuffed up the dam. Read more here


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