Beat the Bus #9 – the Randwick Tram

After countless years of waiting for the tram to the city from Randwick to open, it’s finally here.

So I set off on the shared paths from NSW University to ride to Circular Quay where the tram ends. On the cycle ride I skipped the tram crossings near the end of Kensington Ponds on the bike by going around Martin Rd and through Fox studios. That way I didn’t have to stop.

Easy win to the bike and it was wet so I took it easy on the tram. The tram schedule was seven minutes longer than the 45 mins the ride took so it could have been an easier win.

Result: a Win to the Bicycle by 9 minutes

See the Strava route here and the RideWithGPS route here

Here are the Strava pictures for the bike and then the tram ride back.

The Tram

Not to be too negative on the tram, the run from Central to NSW uni is quite efficient especially the section under Anzac pde.

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