Best New Sydney Cycle Infrastructure Awards -2019

awaHere are the best 3 bicycle infrastructure improvements in 2019 across the whole of Sydney. To win, there must be an increase in the numbers of people using the path, the path has to pretty safe, good looking and fun to ride.  It doesn’t have to be long if it connects existing trails better.

1st Place – Sydney Metro Line – Bella Vista to Rouse Hill plus Schofields Rd

The winner of the 2019 Sydney cycling infrastructure award from BikeTrail.Blog is the Metro Train cycle way from Bella Vista to Rouse Hill combined with Schofields Rd cycletway  to Schofields Station.

It wins the trophy because the state government added a bike traiil to support a train line. Schofields Road received a good shared path as a result of the standard new suburbs cycle track policy. So policy delivered, thats why these joined cycle trails is the best in 2019. ***

The metro line delivered another great benefit, Bella Vista is within easy reach of the northern end of the M7 cycleway.

Usage: Low
Distance: 11 km one way

See on map >>

Here is a video of the winning trail.


2nd Place – NSW University to Kensington Pond, Centennial Park 

The bike trail from NSW University to the north end of Kensington Pond in Centennial Park is a fantastic trail. Before the tramway was built, it was a drab old track on Alison Rd and a pathway next to the racecourse. Now it has the best views of Centennial Park and even crosses the edge of the pond. It would have been a clear winner of the 2019 best infrastructure award if the crossings of the tram and bus lines had been better.. Alas they are not.

The shared path along the racecourse from the university to Darley Rd. is very nice and has a decent tram crossing high up in Randwick.

Thoughts: The trail from Kensington Ponds to Central Station needs a rethink. I suggest that the trail never crosses the tram line and runs up the east side of the tram line.  Then It could cross with the trams heading north and join with the Tiber Cotter bridge and continue all the way to Central Station reducing crossing major crossing times by 5-10 minutes.

DIstance: 2.2 km
Usage: High   See on map >>


Eastern Suburbs Tram line Cycle path – Kensington Pond

Randwick Racecourse Cycle Path

Third Place – Wilson St, Redfern cycle path upgrade

Wilson St cycle road upgrade was completed in December 2019 and it is a lovely bike trail that replaced a decent bike road.   It is built using bitumen, it winds around some existing trees which is a lovely touch and car parking has moved across into a narrower street.  Children could ride this path.

Things that could have made this the winner would have been

  • A well thought out connection to the north side of Newtown would open up the good bike roads on the north of railway line to Petersham Station.
  • A future bike path across Redfern station to Little Eveleigh St to support the masses of walkers and cyclists and train goers moving around this area.
  • A safer connection through into Erskineville

The Wilson St cycleway will be very well used but alas its pretty short at the moment.

Usage: Very High
Distance: 1.2km upgraded
Total Distance: 1.9 km   See on map >>


Wilson St Cycleway

Just Missed Out

The path from St Leonards Park in North Sydney down to Cremorne was a fantastic effort.  It missed out because St Leonards Park trails aren’t great, the crossing of Falcon St felt unsafe and it didn’t seem very used despite the great effort. A completed path into or around North Sydney probably would have got this an award.  Read more here >>

Shonkies Prize Winner Once Again

This was an easy win. The ramp to the Sydney Harbour bridge was put on the back burners again despite some very positive messages before a last minute change of mind. 2000 people clamber up those stairs every day, mostly people with cleats. Fix it..


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