River Torrens Linear Park – North

If you are in Adelaide and you want to ride and ride, head north east out of Adelaide from the north Adelaide station along the River Torrens and leave the zoo and the botanical gardens behind you. There is a good cycle trail on both sides of the river most of the way with the odd section that will leave you perplexed. Doesn’t matter you will find a way.

I like this trail a lot because you just ride and ride and turn around and head down the other side when you have had enough. Its a great way to get your cycle legs.  The trail features an unusual bus system where the buses run on tracks at high speed. Better though it features lots of trees for shade.  Coffee options in Walkerville.

Here is the trail on Google Maps >>

Here are the pictures going up the left hand side and returning on the right hand side.
See them in full size here


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