Adelaide Parklands Trail

Adelaide is a city contained within a wonderful collection of parks and even a pretty interesting cemetery.  To fully appreciate this, why not ride around the Parklands Trail.  This a really nice wide shared path that winds its way from park to park. On the way you will pass some great old houses and traverse the botanical gardens.

The path is usually easy to follow because the path is brown asphalt and all the other paths are black. Sometimes this system falls apart but mostly it works.  Another unusual aspect of the trail is when the path reaches the busy roads to the city it crosses halfway between lights rather than at crossings.  The path crossing are not traffic controlled. I recommend any foreigners get off their bikes and walk the crossing, especially if you haven’t done much cycling with the traffic on the other side of the road to your country.
Here are some of the best photos >>

The path is 19km long and is dead flat.  It is coloured brown on the Australian map which you can find here >>

You can read more about the path here on the Walk SA website >>

Here is the map and geographic photos around the trail.  Find the full size picture on our Facebook page here >>

Adelaide Parklands Trail – it is marked in brown like the paths surface.


Finally an unusual spotting of the Author of BikeTrail.Blog.  This was before doing 50km on a Brompton in the hot sun.

The Goodman Building – Adelaide

Footnote: I never actually rode this path in its entirety. I just rode different parts as I made my way to different rides as per this post.  What a great city for cycling.

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