How I made a google map of all Sydney’s Cyclepaths

How I made a google map of all Sydney’s Cyclepaths is the topic of my talk at the Australian Walking and Cycling conference at the Port Adelaide Town Hall on the 25th October 2020. In the talk I will be discussing this google-my-map

This map consists of 300 different paths that I have combined to make one map. The map is 98% complete, there are other places in Sydney where people ride but they are not shared paths or quieter roads between shared paths so I let others talk about them.

At the Adelaide conference I will discuss how I identified the paths, how I edited the paths and how I added them to the Google My Map. This project took nearly 3 years.

I highly recommend you explore Sydney it’s a great place and when you have ridden all corners, you will be more aware of how everyone lives in this vast town. Here are photos from different parts of town to encourage you to get out there.

Breakfast Point near the middle
Australian Botanical Gardens in the south west
Dee Why on the northern beaches
Ramsgate on Botany Bay
Woronora Bridge

1600 km of trails on the map. Go for it using the map here >>

Save the world, leave the car behind. Sydney from the Tasman Sea

The Australian map including Adelaide is here

The Australian Walking and Cycling Conference website is here >>


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