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I have setup a new private Facebook group, Lets Go Cycling, The aim of the group is to encourage more people to go cycling.

One way I do this is to release photos of trails and stuff on trails worth viewing. But did you know that many photos have the GPS location embedded in them. Take the Google photo albums I have been releasing lately. These three shots show how to see the location of a photo in Google photos in Google maps.

Practise your new location skills using these photos.

Click on a picture
Click on the three dots in the top right (or Information button on a PC)
See the map under the photo. 

Photos here >> 
Parramatta Cycleway
Budgewoi Lake
The Goods Line – Sydney 

Instagram Locations  
Instagram removes the location data when the photo loads up.  The author needs to add the location which is hit and miss.  Still you will find it in the post.  

Here is one of my two instagram accounts.  and here is the other 

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  1. Tom Wickerath Avatar
    Tom Wickerath

    Hi Garry,

    Wayne Phillips has a free utility to view a LOT of metadata within files, including image files:

    Accessing detailed file information provided by the Operating System

    1. BikeTrail.Blog Avatar

      Thanks Tom

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