Riding around Chipping Norton Lake – A video

  Sydney has a few popular lake rides that you can easily ride around. They are Iron CoveNarrabeen Lagoon and Penrith on the Nepean River.  But the Georges River throws up a far bigger challenge out near Liverpool and its called Chipping Norton Lake.  Technically its just a large bulge in the river but as a bike rider, this means little.  Its the the challenge of finding your way around 30 kms of very diverse paths that you should be seeking.
This video starts by reviewing the ride from Henry Lawson Drive cycleway across to Liverpool station as part of the Greater Sydney BikeTrail

Then the video shows the whole lake in an anticlockwise direction starting in the lovely suburb of Moorebank.   We started the ride by unloading the bikes after driving up the busy M5 motorway from the city.  The ride uses the Carramar trail and the Chipping Norton ride which is included in the around Sydney trail.   Here is the video, best to view on a big screen in full screen mode or sideways on a phone.


This story can be read in more detail here >>

Please be aware that the trail can go through some areas where you are lucky to see a person every km.  The trail is fine, its just remote which is unusual for the middle of a city.

Full ride in RideWithGPS


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  1. noelfabro Avatar

    I live at Georges Hall and I follow the Prospect Creek Trail north towards Lansvale, crossed the Hume Hwy towards Rashays to Carrawood Park, then left to Fraser Road towards Broomfield St. Then I follow that bike trail until I reach the back side of Peter Warren’s car yard, through the pedestrian tunnel under Hume Hwy towards Warwick Farm station and from there – I get to Liverpool Hospital. Surprisingly, it’s only about 11kms or so.

    1. BikeTrail.Blog Avatar

      I usually follow the river to Sherwin Park and then Canley Vale. I seek pork buns 🙂 That way is longer but is all trail. Liverpool Hospital is a tricky beast as is Liverpool Railway then its a terrific 6km to Glenfield Station

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