Beat the Bus #8 – Shrimptons Creek

Beat the Bus no 8 features one of my favourite trails, Shrimptons Creek. It starts at Top Ryde Shopping Centre and heads to Macquarie University and shops. Its very easy, if you live in North Ryde or Denistone East and head to Macquarie University or shops or the offices, you should be riding this trail rather than going on a bus. It only crosses four roads, its 5km long and it beats the bus at peak hour.  “In fact you could walk it, just stay off the boring roads”

You can join this trail near the Top Ryde shops. Ride up Blaxland Rd and make a tricky crossing to Reservoir Lane. Do a little zig zag down to Santa Rosa Park. Cross on a better crossing and now you are heading north on the trail for 3 km to Waterloo Rd. Its always, fun, there are a few walkers so take it easy and you can do this on any old bike which is probably what you will need if you are doing a lock up.

At Waterloo, the Metro station is across the road with the shops and you will know all about the university.

Map of trail from Google Maps
Bus Route options at peak courtesy of Google Maps

The bus takes about 28 minutes at peak. Driving the car will be a little quicker but free parking is a going to see you walking about 2km to work or the uni so thats a bust.

Cycling will take about 25 minutes

Summary – Top Ryde to Macquarie Shops is 25 mins by bike saves 2-5 minutes on the bus – No hills in this trail unless you live in Meadowbank where there is a big hill. Blaxland Rd runs along the ridge.

The route is Purple on the Sydney Map here with the extension to the Top Ryde shops in commuter green.

Photos here and Bigger photos here >> photos



Tunnel under Epping Rd
Macquarie ParkThe Macquarie Uni Station



Other Cycling Options to Macquarie Park and Uni

From the north there is Browns Creek Waterhole

From Epping there is a good enough 5km trail

From the East you can come in through Lane Cove National park on a really hilly route of 8kms

From the South East, Epping Rd Cycleway is a very good route with hills that extends off road to St Leonards

All are on the map of Sydney here >>



Overview: I am writing a series of articles called Beat the Bus in Sydney. The purpose of these articles is to come up with popular ride where you can easily beat public transport whilst not riding too fast. To qualify, a ride needs to be going to a place with a decent sized working population, the roads need to be shared path or at least a decent enough well marked council road. Average speed must be under 20km per hour. And the whole journey needs to be under 45 minutes.

Anyone can do this in any city, just study your maps, do a few practice rides on Sunday morning, get fit and ride some or all the way to work if you can find decent enough roads. If you can’t find a way, can you ride to a station or take your bike part of the way in a car. Give it a go.



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    love this trail. i take them almost everyday, shrimptons creek is full of bush animals too!

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