The Sydney Google BikeTrail map is now complete **

Want to know where to ride, want to see the hidden footpaths and better alternatives for riding around Sydney.  Well its all on this map from Richmond to Cronulla, Campbelltown to Mona Vale.  So bookmark


Open the map and use Google Maps as you would normally do and the trails will be in the background to guide you around town. Usually its best to study a trail on a big screen before heading off on your bike ride. If possible, ride when things aren’t busy which in Sydney is Saturday early and Sunday fairly early.

Black lines are so-so ways to get around town, useful if have to find a way in an area. Sometimes they are just very steep and not busy roads. Turn them off to reduce the clutter using the legend
Green lines are commuter trails.  Use these rather than just plain old roads for a better way to get around.
Purple lines are the great trails, the views, the places where cars are mostly in the distance  Focus on these for your recreational rides.

About 1500km of trails on the map, lots of stations and ferry wharfs you can use, use the legend to turn them on.

To find out more about an area, click on the trail and you will be able to read more about the trail and see a picture or two from the trail as per

The trails have notes and links to information on the website.

** The map will never be complete, it will continually be improved.


5 responses to “The Sydney Google BikeTrail map is now complete **”

  1. Uncool Cycling Club Avatar
    Uncool Cycling Club

    Great achievement Gary. Well done ?

  2. David Charles Lewis Avatar
    David Charles Lewis

    Amazing resource that will help me get out with my boys. I could get you a .gpx file of The Cromer Trail to add to the map if it helps at all?

    1. BikeTrail.Blog Avatar

      Hi David. I havent done many MTB tracks a) becuase I dont really like them (I am chicken and my back spasms on sharp hills) and b) becuase there are sites that do the MTB so well

      If I find really smooth dirt roads, I will map it. Same goes for simple smooth MTB tracks. Fire trails are unlikely though I did the one at Loftus.


  3. Vijay Malhotra Avatar

    It’s a nice idea to map the cycling routes & will be so useful for others riders. Brilliant effort Gary?

  4. Lyn aka The Travelling Lindfields Avatar

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