Gosford to Ettalong

There is a terrific 35km of cycling in the Gosford area. It is easy to get to by train from the north shore of Sydney and the line that runs through Epping Station.  Head to the Woy Woy train station. Once you arrive, if you just want 10 km of cycling, make your way north from the station till you see the water.  You are at the trail.  You can ride all the way to Gosford but the best riding is east parallel to Pelican Island and then south till the trail runs out. If you are going for 40km of flat cycling, you need to make your across to Ettalong as shown on the map. It is all very scenic and you barely have to ride on the road. Let the pictures do the talking

A great 20km one way ride, read more and see the map >> 

Near Woy Woy
Near Woy Woy
Arriving at Woy Woy from Gosford

Towards Gosford you ride on a trail like this

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