Smart Access Lives On

Before BikeTrail.Blog, your editor sat in a different style of chair programming Microsoft Access databases. As I ran my own consulting business, I found myself writing articles for a very popular Microsoft Access programming magazine called Smart Access.  My first article in 1998 was about a data mining tool that I had written called Graf-FX.

Ten years later and I was Smart Access and I set about making hundreds of the articles digital and putting them online. This was showcased at

Now I have managed to find a new home for the Smart Access collection at and it will be managed by one of my Microsoft Access MVP buddies, Juan Suto

Thats it from me for Microsoft Access articles, I am happy with my contribution, it earned me 13 Microsoft Most Valuable Persons awards and lots of nice words of appreciation over the years.

So bookmark

I am off to ride a bike as soon as the rain stops

Garry Robinson from Sydney Australia

My very first computer article was on Graf-FX, a shareware data mining tool I wrote in MS Access

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