Greenwich Wharf to Balls Head

I have ridden through the Greenwich area on Sydney’s north shore a few times and everytime I seem to take a different route. As a result, my maps are a little jumbled. But the area is so nice, it was time to make a decision on the good bits.

I have decided the one way 6km ride from Greenwich Wharf to Balls Head and Waverton Park is the must do ride in the area. Sure Milson Point is jaw-dropping great but it requires some road riding to connect to Waverton and is primarily about fun riding and not roads.  Here are all the photos >>>

So I have put together a video showing this ride – it starts on a ferry to Greenwich Wharf and ends up near Balls Head. This ride is fine for teens with riding skills and oldies. There are hills but the full ride is not so long and you can always coffee and cake to reduce the pain. Little kids can ride around Balls Head though its not very long.

I ride through Wollstonecraft on my 220 km around Sydney bike Trail

See the maps of trails in the Greenwich area here >>

Pictures from Balls Head

Greenwich Wharf to Manns Point
The storage tanks
Vista Rd
Smoothy Park – Wolstonecraft
Balls Head to Waverton Park – Tank Walls

Lane Cove Area

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