Sans Souci to Oatley and more

Sans Souci to Oatley and more

January 4, 2019 2 By BikeTrail.Blog

They say that Sydney is not so great for cycling and one of the areas where this rule of thumb applies is the area around Kogarah Bay and Hurstville. As I love the cycling around Oatley and along Botany Bay so much, I have gone over the maps many times and ventured into the area like an early explorer a few times. Finally, thanks to power of the eBike I think I have discovered a way through that would do for the hardy souls that want to venture across.

Here is the trail on our Google Maps in green on the east side of the highway and black for the hilly and roady trail on the western side of the Princes Hwy.

Arncliffe to Sans Souci to Riverwood

So armed with my google design maps, I rode along Botany Bay with my wife and lunched at Ramsgate. There are three cafes there near Coles. I left her at Alice St in Sans Souci and headed west along the council paths. Just past Kogarah Bay, I joined the road that hugs the bay until near Carrs Park. I rode through Carrs Park being careful not to disturb the older people that frequent the area. Some paths are definitely not for cycles. Benwerrin Avenue is the official council path near Carrs Park. In Carrs Park near the Highway is a cool kids cycle area with some bumps and things for them to experiment on.

From Carrs Park, there are two pedestrian crossing across the busy Princess Highway, I chose the southern one. I headed for Stuart Park and then Condor Cresent where there is another park. You then head for Spaulding Cresent jumping on footpaths where appropriate. At the end of Spaulding is a path that brings you through to Moore Reserve. This is where all the great Oatley cycling begins. Your battle with roads and hills is over. Note: Stephen Males who rides though a lot suggests Walton St and The Appian Way as his route slightly to the north.

I rode through Oatley and around the fantastic Oatley Park where shared paths and forest come together. From there I head up the ridiculous steep road after Lime Kiln and past Gannons Park and around to Riverwood Station using the Henry Lawson Drive overpass near the school. At Riverwood I caught the train back to Wolli Creek and rode back to the car in Arncliffe. My wife had ridden to Wooloware Bay and back and arrived at the same time.

I had ridden over 30km and a lot of hills. You can do this on a road bike, eBike is better. A cruiser bike would be a struggle.