Ride the M7 on the hot days at the end of 2018

I was riding the northern half of the M7 at 8am on December 27th, 2018 and I was pleasantly surprised how many riders were out on their bikes.  Given that the weather is going to be identical for the next few days, I thought I would explain why its so pleasant riding early at the moment on the M7 cycleway.

a) its cool early starting in the low 20s at 6am

b) When the sun is low, about 33% of the trail is actually in shadows and the north south direction of much of the trail and the high walls helps this a lot.

c) Its going to be stinking hot by 11am so go early

Here are a bunch of photos of riders on the trail this morning. I think I saw 100 riders which is a lot more than I usually see mid week.

Since this post, Bella Vista station on the metro makes this easier.
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M7 Cycleway and Prospect Reservoir

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  1. Uncool Cycling Club Avatar
    Uncool Cycling Club

    In summer it’s always worth getting up early to beat the heat ?

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