Merry Christmas from the Bondi to Clovelly Cycleway

Xmas Ride

Its Xmas and the Sydney roads are virtually free of cars and our house (apart from me) sleeps on and on. So off I went on a leisurely ride from Clovelly to Bondi on the Big Easy.

It was 7am and lots of people were out, clearly some people had stayed overnight to get the best sheds by the beach. More clearly, it was going to be a huge day at the beach and many people were loving it already. Good to see some sun in Sydney and lots of happy faces.

Here are some photos and have a great Christmas, hot or cold.

6km one way ride, hilly but not on an eBike…

Thought for the day

How about making all the roads along the coastal walk one way over xmas and letting the cyclists, scooters, motorised scooters for the elderly and kids all ride up and down the coast in safety.

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