What is the best cycle area near Sydney ?

It is the summer holidays in Sydney and you just want to get out of town and go for a relaxing bike ride on some shared paths and then chill out. So where do you go ?

There are three main areas that I like within 2 hours and these are Wollongong, the Central Coast and Newcastle and Bowral. All of these are accessible by train so that may solve the dilemma of how to get your bike there.  Follow the hyperlinks below for the trails.

Wollongong is great because its 60km of almost continuous bike path all the way from Thirroul to Kiama. Then as a bonus there are train stations on the way at Thirroul, Bulli, North Wollongong, Oak Flats, Shell Harbour Junction, Minnamurra and Kiama so you can catch the train back. So, if you live anywhere near the south of Sydney, this is probably your place.

The Central Coast has a really nice ride from Gosford to Ettalong (40km return). This is really simple to get to by train from the north shore. There is also a ferry that usually runs from Palm Beach but this takes a bit of planning. Further on from there is Tuggerah Lake, Warners Bay (22km return)., Fernleigh track (28km return) and Newcastle Harbour (30km) which is really nice. These take a bit longer on the train. Some cyclists ride all over the place in this area but a lot of the riding is road based if you are not on the trails I have mentioned. All these rides are on this page.

The final place that I like is Bowral and the Bong Bong Track. This is really handy if you live near Campbelltown. The trail is only 30km if you include a ride all around Bowral. Bundanoon is nearby and that is beautiful as well but yet to be tested by your scribe.  \.

So what to think about ? Its summer so get out and about early if it looks like being a hot day. Apart from Fernleigh and Bundanoon, fire hazards shouldn’t be a problem. Whatever track you go on, don’t bother going out on total fire ban days without being informed, take water, sunscreen and cover up and have a great ride.


Just a little further away is Canberra and its pretty good at the moment and a new post from the Central Coast follow

Canberra and Lake Burley Griffin

The southern end of Tuggerah Lake and a race against nature




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