The Slippery Slope – Gannons Park

We have some friends in a part of Sydney that people rarely visit. Its called Peakhurst. They like to comment on my pictures so this page will come as a surprise.  A few months ago I saw that the council was building a wide smooth concrete path down a hill with a good slope in a neglected part of Gannons Park. I thought, wait till the skateboarders see that.

Well I saw it today and it looks like it needs ski tows to bring the kids up. Its about a 750 m long with dual winding paths. The only downside was the gum trees have left a lot of small sticks on the paths. I am just letting you know if your kids feel like a bit of snow skiing in the suburbs. Check that they have bigger wheels, the small scooters may have trouble with the sticks. They will come home tired and thats a good result in the summer holidays.

Update November 2020:  Gannons Park is getting a facelift. What a park this will be and its rideable now, just.
Photos are here >>

See the purple trail in Gannons Park here >>

The Oatley Area and Woronora is near by

Woronora Area

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