The Greater Sydney Bike Trail

For two years now I have been investigating the safe trails of Sydney. When I went to the Omafiets Dutch Bicycles Bike Touring talk night, the fantastic ladies inspired me to think about a multi-day bike trail around Sydney. Here is a slideshow of 220 km trail that I rode this week or you can read about the trail and see maps here >>


Here is a link to the path on our Google Maps page >>

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Hi Garry I may have missed it somewhere but do you have some idea of what proportion of this ride is on actual bike paths?

    I haven’t written it up. But the eastern suburbs is mostly back roads then its mostly bike paths all the way round to the north shore. I intend to write it up. But the pictures in the video qive an indication of the type of path. This is two years of research in the making as no one has done it. Maybe 90% and you can skip the two bad bits by train if you want to anyway.

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