Easy riding the Sydney Greenway in 2018

It has been announced that work will finally commence on the Greenway shared path between Iron Cove and Earlwood on the Cooks River. This will be adjacent to the tram line that ends at Dulwich Hill. Currently a good track runs between Iron Cove and Parramatta Rd. Then you can take a couple of lifts to cross Parramatta Rd and then another little section to Summer Hill on shared path. Then it is hopeless all the way to Cooks River, even the signage is usually pretty ordinary and you have one rotten crossing of Canterbury Rd. So I never mapped. Read the story of the upgrade here on the SMH >>

With that in mind, I took The Boss on a trip using the only decent quiet streets I could find between the Cooks River and Summer Hill. I have named it Kermits Way because its not easy being green. So to the path, its 4 km to Summer Hill and the path starts at Lees Park just west of Canterbury Racecourse. Its uphill for a while on very wide roads. When you get to the best bit, Park Lane in Ashfield, you have a mini road almost to yourself for a km. Then its quiet roads till near Summer Hill shops. The crossover to Summer Hill was almost car free on the three times I have used it. Today we were passed by about 10 cars, the other times I saw less. Could be busier at school time

You can find the Cooks River and Kermits Way in green here on google maps >>

At Summerhill Station you can go thru the station as Carlton Cresent is not pleasant at all.

From there we rode down and around Iron Cove and then went to Pane E Cippola in Rozelle for a great lunch.

To complete the journey, we rode to Taverners Hill tram stop and put our bikes on the tram which was the first time I have done that. We got off at Dulwich Hill and rode back down the Cooks River to Steel Park where we had parked.

26km return trip. Pretty flat and suited to all bike types but not errant teenagers.

See all pics here >>

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