I have an idea.

Lady Carrington Drive

30 years of programming is a long time I told my accountant. Can I cut back on the hours. We do the sums and the answer was yes. That was the easy part, now what to do ?

In the garage was a bike, covered with cobwebs. Give that a shot. That was a good way to waste a hour but that wasn’t really that much fun. Then Jen and Christine asked if we wanted to go ride a bike on something called a rail trail in New Zealand.  Why not ?
Lady Carrington Drive

On return from this trip, time was still being too friendly to me so I started organising the photos. Then I bought a great cruiser bike for my son. Riding that was so much fun so I called the bike Joe.  The idea started to form, post my bike rides to Facebook for the riders that just want to have fun.  Biketrail. was going to happen, I just did not know it yet.

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